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April 23, 2003
Photo Friday Here is this week's entry for Photo Friday. The topic this week is "water".

In my garden after a morning rain.

Williams Tower Water Wall

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April 19, 2003
Saturday Snapshots Here is my third entry for Lynn's new Saturday Snapshots. This week's topic was "repetitive patterns" and below are my entries...


backyard fence

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April 14, 2003
Photo Friday My second entry over at Photo Friday. The topic this week is "Skin". Here is my entry, a self-portrait...


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April 12, 2003
Saturday Snapshots Here is my second entry for Lynn's brand-new Saturday Snapshots. These were Lynn's instructions for this week: "Look around your home and choose a decorative piece of some sort and shoot it from a unique angle. It could be anything at all, a piece of furniture, a nic nac of some kind, a prize possession of yours that you display .... be creative!"

I decided to take a picture of several of my millefiori paperweights. I have six of them and I five are on my coffee table. Below are some close-ups of three of the prettiest ones.



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April 10, 2003
Theme Thursday I haven't done this meme in a loooong time but when I read the theme I thought of a nice picture I snapped last weekend while I was out taking a dear friend's bridal portraits. This week's theme is "red" and it is reflected below by a rose on the bride-to-be's lacy wedding dress train (color saturation slightly enhanced in PhotoShop).

The rest of the bridal portraits I took can be found in the album.


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April 06, 2003
Photo Friday Here is the second new photo meme I hope to participate in on a regular basis - Photo Friday.

The topic this week is "Spring". Here is my entry, a photo from my garden...


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Saturday Snapshots I haven't been in here in while but I have a couple of new photography memes to participate in...

The first one is Lynn's brand-new Saturday Snapshots. Here is my entry for the first topic, "Introduction":


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